Maine Heritage Lecture


Thursday, October 13 | 3:00 p.m.
Bodwell Lounge of the Collins Center for the Arts
Reception to follow in the Hudson Museum

Maine Heritage Lecture: “Gluskabe in the 21st Century: Newell Lyon’s Stories Still Carry the Penobscot Language”

With Penobscot language carrier Carol Dana, UMaine Professor of English Margo Lukens will tell the story of our theatrical collaboration that resulted in publishing the first bilingual volume of Penobscot stories, “Still They Remember Me.” The book’s purpose is to invite Penobscot language learning through traditional stories about the culture hero, Gluskabe. The stories teach readers/listeners about how Gluskabe transformed the land and balanced its forces to create sustainable life for humans; we learn what it means to live well in this place, which is the foundation of Penobscot morality. Lukens hopes to inspire listeners to work in ways that improve the conditions for justice in Maine’s relationships with Wabanaki people and communities.


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July 25, 2019